Estonian Ornithological Society

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Board and Council
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The Estonian Ornithological Society (EOS) was founded on 1 May 1921 and has acted continuously since then. In 2000 EOS became a full member and partner of Birdlife International. In December 2010 the membership of EOS exceeded 400.

The Estonian Ornithological Society is a voluntary association of people interested in birds, bird study and bird conservation. Everybody who supports the aims of the Society’s activities, namely the conservation, study and popularization of our bird population, is welcomed as a member of EOS. In order to achieve our goals, we strive to improve the general knowledge of bird ecology: we deliver instructions for carrying out observations and bird study, and for analysing the results. We promote the conservation of important bird habitats and areas of vital importance to birds, and the preservation of the biodiversity of species.

The EOS is involved in several projects of Estonian bird ecology and conservation, for example land use planning and evaluating the industrial and economic impacts on the environment. We take part in developing the Natura 2000 site networks. The EOS consults and provides expertise on questions about Estonian birds.

There are four permanent committees working within the framework of the EOS. These committees are involved in examining the notifications of rare species in Estonia, giving Estonian-language names to birds and compiling various lists of birds, as well as addressing specific questions concerning bird conservation and monitoring.

Twice a year EOS issues its own scholarly periodical, Hirundo. Articles and commentaries on ornithology, instructions for bird watching, the chronicle and announcements of the EOS are published in Hirundo. Mainly original study results and discussions of the numbers, distribution and ecology of Estonian birds, as well as articles on the problems of bird conservation, appear regularly in the journal. EOS quarterly publish the lively and informative newsletter Tiirutaja, where news about birds and bird watching, instructions, overviews and reviews of new books on birds is provided.

For all kinds of information concerning birds and the discussion of particular topics, there is a public mailing list, and the Bird Forum on the EOS home page.

The EOS organizes several exciting and educational events, where everyone interested in birds has a chance to participate. Three times a year an all-Estonian birdwatching campaign is carried out, in spring it is possible to learn bird sounds and songs, and every summer the annual meeting of the members of the EOS and birdwatchers is held as an open-air weekend camp to learn, watch and study birds and have fun together.

The EOS has its own library in its office, where numerous scientific journals, newsletters, bird field guides and books of popular science about birds all over the world are available. In addition, our members are welcome to use our audio and video collections.