Committees and working groups

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  • EOS Bird Conservation Committee
    The Bird Conservation Committee is engaged in consulting and finding solutions for immediate and long-term problems of bird conservation in Estonia to consult the board, council and project managers.
    Members: Riho Kinks (Secretary,, Andrus Kuus, Aivar Leito, Vilju Lilleleht, Aleksei Lotman, Kaja Peterson, Urmas Sellis, Veljo Volke, Mati Kose, Jaanus Tanilsoo, Aivo Klein.
  • EOS Bird Monitoring Committee
    The Bird Monitoring Committee was founded in 2010. It develops systematic field monitoring methods and improves the requisite bird monitoring programmes of the EOS.
    Members: Renno Nellis (Chairman,, Hannes Pehlak, Aivar Leito, Margus Ellermaa, Rein Nellis, Indrek Tammekänd. Leho Luigujõe, Urmas Sellis, Andrus Jair, Jaanus Elts.
  • Estonian Rarities Committee
    The purpose of the Estonian Rarities Committee is to collect and verify independently the records of rare birds observed in Estonia. The Committee keeps a record of bird species and subspecies sighted in the territory of the Estonian Republic. It was founded in 1977 and acts according to the principles of the Association of European Rarities Committees (AERC).
    Members: Margus Ots (Chairman,, Aivo Klein, Jan Nordblad, Uku Paal, Ranno Puumets.
  • Estonian Bird Names Committee
    In Estonia, terminology-creating work started actively in the 1920s, and the first complete list of the names of birds in Estonia, Nomenclator avium Estiae, was published in 1922. Since 1991 EOS has had its own Bird Names Committee in order to give all the birds of the world proper Estonian names, to keep the database of these names, to create new scientific terms and to organise already existing terms.
    Members: Eerik Leibak (Secretary,, Mall Hiiemäe, Mihkel Jürgens, Asko Lõhmus, Olav Renno, Elle-Mari Talivee.
  • EOS Wader Study Group
    The EOS Wader Study Group was founded in 2006 and brings together scientists and amateur ornithologists interested in wading bird conservation and study.
    Contact: Hannes Pehlak (
  • Breeding Bird Atlas Working Group
    The Breeding Bird Atlas Working Group was founded in 2003. It plans and coordinates all the work necessary for the new Estonian Breeding Bird Atlas. 
    Members: Jaanus Elts (Coordinator,, Andrus Kuus, Kaja Peterson, Eerik Leibak, Lauri Klein, Agu Leivits, Andres Kuresoo and Riho Kinks.